• License Tracker


    PHP Licensing System & PHP Script Encoder

    License and distribute PHP scripts easily and safely - no more software piracy because you have the ability to remotely de-activate a license. Full featured, automated PHP Licensing System has everything you need in one place: encryption, license, user, & sales management, and Much more...


    Tracking Software Licenses

    You can track every license you have deployed and all the specifics of the who, what, when, where and how the distribution happened. You can track and monitor all your sales for any time period. You can see (and set) the expiry of every license. A dynamic tool for serious software developers. More...

  • Manage Software


    Complete PHP License Manager

    Manage your PHP licenses with a system that is a combination of many management tools: file manager, PHP encoder, software distribution, license manager, customer management, sales software sales management, email system - all in one place. More...


    Easy Software Management

    Creating new software products from a single script is an easy process - no need to adapt the original script if you want to change certain user restrictions or abilities. The Software Manager enables the non-technical to manage and create various software models and offer them online. More...

  • Script Distribution


    Automated Software Distribution

    Automated Software Deployment is a vital part of Codelock Tracker's functionality. With no effort on your part, your software and PHP scripts and software are distributed almost immediately after payment. Satisfied customers, plus you are freed from your terminal! More...


    Paypal Made Easy

    Setting up a new Paypal product is always a hassle. Tracker's script distribution includes Paypal integration made simple. You only need a few lines of code in your site with the product ID number you created in the Payment Manager. Tracker handles the rest! Paypal for Dummies Smarties! More...

  • File Management


    Powerful File Management System

    A great tool for every software developer, this full-fledged file manager is part of the license manager. A flexible, powerful tool to search, create, edit, delete, move, rename, upload, download, change file and directory permissions, and preview video & audio files. More...


    PHP Protection with Encryption

    Encrypt your PHP scripts in the File Manager for secure PHP code protection. The PHP Encoder is in the Codelock Tracker system. Multi-layered protection to protect your PHP scripts from software piracy! More...

  • Payment System


    Sell PHP Scripts

    Codelock Tracker helps you sell PHP scripts and software online to make marketing software and distributing scripts yourself an easy matter. Determine price and ID, set it up in your website with only 3 lines of code, and the Tracker handles the licensing, payment, distribution, and all tracking with smooth automation.  More...


    Software Sales Management

    The Tracker shows your Sales Statistics for every conceivable time period, per customer, per software, and more. You can see which products need more promotion and which ones you can truly brag about, if some products are seasonal, and then use the Emailer to promote more sales. More...

  • User Management


    Manage your Software Customers and Users

    Codelock Tracker keeps you completely up-to-date on all your customers with all the details of every software licensing and deployment. Monitors your software so you know exactly when their expiries are, if they need and upgrade, and full contact details. More...


    Email Manager for Great Customer Relations

    The Email Manager lets you send out mailings and newsletters to your customers, whether you want to email them all or just those who have purchased a certain software or PHP script. This is a great tool for specials, notices, and more - all your mailing lists are handy in one system! More...

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Codelock offers several encryption and encoding software products. We are dedicated to constantly improving our code protection and offering the best software for your money. Learn more about our other fine products.


Since 2004, Codelock has served the script protection needs of many software developers all over the world. In the last couple of years, we have worked hard to provide renewed and dedicated customer support, and improve every product. Read a few Codelock Testimonials of developers just like you!

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recommend to anybody

I would recommend your products to anybody who really wants to make the most of their scripts and have a good company that stands behind their work. It was good working with you, and sorry mate I gave you a hard time at first.  Michael O., Australia


better than ever

I just wanted to tell you guys what a great job you are doing. To tell you the truth, I thought that Codelock was dead, but now I see that you are back and better than ever! Thanks! - Bill M., Chicago


great customer support

I am happy for your great customer support. The advise you give me is exactly as needed and your product works quite well. Best regards, Codelock. Younmi C.


confidence has improved

My confidence has greatly improved putting out our software with your encryption. I just wanted to offer my thanks for considering the suggestions and needs of development companies like mine, and making them happen in a top notch product. Gavin R., Canada

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