About Codelock

Codelock has been around since 2003 when Vince Edwards of Media Creations in New Zealand came up with the idea to provide an easy-to-use suite of software protection products. Vince is a creative developer with an intuition for a needed product and is constantly developing new applications and software.

After a few years maintaining Codelock Encryption, Media Creations began developing Codelock Tracker to help manage the software licensing. This project took a lot of time, along with the support for Codelock encryption products.

Other projects came up and Codelock (the Tracker especially) got put on the back burner. You know the story: he became overwhelmed with developing a new product and yet still pay the bills. Alas, reality.

Enter Panospheric Virtual Imaging, an Oregon website and software development company. Panospheric saw the need for Codelock PHP encryption to protect their own software and PHP scripts, and the Tracker was an attractive system for managing its software licensing and distribution.

But the Tracker wasn't ready.

After quite a few exchanges, Panospheric took over the management and customer support of the Codelock encryption products and worked hard to restore the Codelock customer relations with timely customer support.

There were also a lot of improvements and vital troubleshooting issues addressed, making the entire Codelock product line more viable.

At this point, the Tracker was still in a beta version, and very incomplete. Even so, it was pretty obvious that the Tracker was about the most full-featured software management product on the market with the added bonus of running independently on one's own server, not as a subscribed pay-as-you-go service, and not needing a special script installed on the server of customers either.

After some time, talk began of purchasing the entire Codelock suite of software products. A Codelock competitor was hungry to buy it, but Vince had worked hard on Codelock and was reluctant to turn it over to his rival.

So Panospheric bought the entire Codelock software line, and commenced to focus on the Tracker, to make it the best software licensing manager in the world. The results of that effort are detailed in this website.

This version is only the beginning. We have great plans underway for offering binary encryption, making it easier for multi-language use, expanding the payment system integrations, and many other improvements. Getting on board with Codelock means striving to give you the most up-to-date tools and keeping it affordable.

We are very honored to be a part of the international software development community and hope you will join us in improving the security of the internet. We sincerely offer our thanks for the opportunity to serve you, and pledge to do our best to offer the finest software we can.

Codelock Encryption Products

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NICE!!! Just about sums it all up really. A very elegant solution to a tricky problem - well done.


...thanks a lot for your help, your product is excellent.


This script and HTML protection software represents a very effective toolkit for the protection of php scripts and HTML generated by them. Simple installation and offers very good value for money.

Mike Wright

Your product is so great and I'm glad I found it.

Dave K

your ...Codelock v.2.0 LOOKS GREAT and is really WONDERFUL... THANKS!


I purchased your product And love it, it's awesome... Thanks again, for the great product.