Codelock Tracker Features

Codelock Tracker is an All-In-One Software License Manager. Everything you need is all in one package for easy management.


No Extra Scripts on Hosting Servers

No extra extensions or scripts on your server or your customers' servers. Minimum hassle with maximum performance.

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File Management

You can upload all your software files to create, edit, delete, move, rename, upload, download, change file and directory permissions and preview video and audio files and more.

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Your files are encrypted differently than every other file to avoid automated decoding/hacking. Encryption is part of the Codelock Tracker!

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Software Manager

Different products can be created from one script, with user restrictions like expiry, number of domains or IPs, demo version, etc. Easy for the non-tech manager!

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Software Licensing

Create software licenses and know the who, what, when, where and how of every license. Your customers can upgrade versions or from demo to paid version - automatically and without the need to re-download.

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Software Distribution and Deployment

Easy to set up Paypal, then Codelock Tracker takes care of the rest with automatic payment, distribution, and download for your customers.

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Payment System

Set the price and add your ID. Insert a snippet of code into your site, and Tracker handles the rest. Set discounts, upgrades, and more - keeping accurate records of every transaction with complete stats too!

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Manage Your Customers

You have all the contact details of all your customers at your fingertips, plus an Email system that sends HTML newsletters or text to clients based on product, individually, or all customers.

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Core Features

  • No Extra Scripts on Server
  • Fully Automated Payment and Distribution
  • Full Control
  • PHP Script Licensing and Tracking
  • Full Software Management
  • Advanced File Manager
  • 2 Stage Encryption
  • Customer Management
  • Super Simple Paypal integration
  • Dynamic, Full-Featured GUI
  • Emailer for text and HTML
  • Payment Manager
  • Sales Statistics
  • Fast payment to deployment
  • All-in-One Package

Full Control


Codelock Tracker gives you full control over your software licensing management with everything you need in one place.

At the same time, while you have full control, the distribution and tracking is completely automated.

Easy GUI


Codelock Tracker has a completely new, easy to use, efficient, and attractive Graphic User Interface to make Software Management a pleasure to work with! Tool Tips and cross-referencing throughout.