Software Sales Management

How to Sell PHP Scripts and Software Online

How to sell software online focuses Buying and Selling Your Softwareon three aspects: marketing software, software distribution and software sales management.

When selling software online, you need a software sales tracking system that can handle the intensive use, and detract the potential abuse of selling PHP scripts online.

Codelock Tracker handles every aspect of online software sales management, including processing software sales and payment processing, plus PHP licensing and software distribution.

The Tracker monitors all PHP script licenses and users, and even lets you disable a license remotely.

With Codelock Tracker you have powerful encryption to protect your PHP scripts to protect against software piracy.

Codelock Tracker is automated, so the time between the software sale to the software distribution is almost immediate. Automation saves you time, and makes your customers happy with your fast deployment. Selling PHP scripts is easy.

Software Sales Management

Codelock Tracker is a PHP script and software licensing manager. As such, it enables you to create many software products from one PHP script, setting various limitations as outlined in the License Manager info.

When selling PHP scripts and software online with Tracker's software sales management, you can also set discounts with beginning and end dates, handle version upgrades (including demo to paid versions) without the need to re-download, and smoothly let the system process the payment for your PHP scripts.

Easy Paypal Set Up

Codelock Tracker's Payment Manager provides you with a totally simple method for selling PHP scripts and software online using Paypal processing. You add only 3 lines of code in your website with the Product ID number from the Tracker system. Codelock Tracker does the rest, keeping an accurate record of all software sales. All instructions for the process are part of the Tracker GUI.

Complete Control of Software Sales

Choose your software, determine Tracking Software Salesyour price, create a product ID, plug in your snippet of code in your website, and the Tracker does the rest. At the same time you have complete control of PHP script licensing and can manually give discounts or set limits for a particular user.

Monitor All Transactions

Codelock Tracker software management lets you view sales totals, track sales history, and have the sales statistics right at your fingertips. This tool can help you plan your sales strategies in marketing software.

...integrated with the other Tracker tools...

Included in the Tracker is the handy Emailer, which can send text messages or HTML newsletters. Also the License Manager to help set up new licenses, the Software Manager to add new PHP scripts and files and create new products, and the User Manager to keep track of all customers. It is all here in one system.

Features of Payment Manager

  • set discounts
  • discounts with beginning, end or open ended
  • accurate auto adjustments for discounts
  • enables upgrades from demo to paid version w/out re-downloading
  • users can upgrade versions by paying the difference
  • users can renew expiries
  • fraud protection
  • auto price/sales adjustments for all upgrades and renewals
  • easy Paypal setup for your site
  • create and view unlimited transactions
  • create and view software details
  • all sales histories by software, customer, dates, etc.
  • sales statistics and simple charts
  • easy access to all user/customer info
  • every transaction has its own full records
  • easy navigation of all management tools from any point
  • an all-in-one system for complete software licensing management

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