PHP Script Tracker

Tracking Licenses and Monitoring Software

As a PHP Script Tracker, Codelock Tracker excels, distributing and monitoring software licenses.

Software license tracking tracking and monitoring software scriptsand PHP script distribution go hand in hand - with Codelock Tracker there are a full array of software management tools that work together to make tracking software easy.

The PHP script tracker gives you these software tracking tools:

  • When your scripts were distributed-downloaded
  • Sales info, including any special pricing or discounts
  • Renewal or upgrade info
  • Customer management, with client contact details
  • License type details
  • Expiries, IPs or domains, & other limitations for each license
  • much more!

All the tools you need for monitoring software licenses, including who, when, where, how they were deployed - are in one place along with software management, license management, software file management, customer management (including Emailer), payment manager, and PHP encoder system. The PHP license tracker keeps track of all sales and stats too.

Automated License Tracking

The PHP script Tracker is automated, so all you have to do is set up your PHP scripts and the software license manager does the rest.

After that, you can sit back and let the PHP license Tracker distribute your PHP scripts, handling the payment processing for new licenses, upgrades, renewals, and special sales or discounts.

At the same time, the PHP script Tracker is completely versatile - you can manually create a completely customized license for a particular customer.

What the PHP License Tracker Does

As soon as the customer installs the licensed script, on execution, all the information is logged into the Codelock Tracker in the PHP Script Tracker (License Manager). This includes the recipient, the URLs or domains the license is running on, when it was issued, and when it will expire.

The exact time and date of the first license confirmation and validation can be viewed. The Tracker keeps track of the last time the license was validated too. You can see each time, and how many times, the script tracking session has been accessed, and how many times each software has been downloaded and whether it was a demo or a sale.

Whether licenses are active or inactive, you can track each license status, and can change all aspects of a particular license manually - even deactivate a domain or the entire license if necessary. Codelock Tracker is a very interactive PHP license tracking tool that gives you full control, yet runs on auto-pilot.

In fact, you can even deactivate and disable ALL the licenses of a specific software. For instance, if you are fazing out a product and need your customers to upgrade (or any number of scenarios that might come up), you are able to easily do it. The deactivation will take place the next time the script is scheduled to confirm the license details with the tracking server.

Software license monitoring and tracking is easy with Codelock Tracker - mostly because it does all the work for you.

Please check out the list of features of the license tracking to the right!

Features of License Tracking

  • full licensing information logged automatically at execution
  • track all licenses by product name
  • track licenses by URL or domains it is running on
  • the exact time of software license confirmation/validation
  • track when the license is run for the first time and issued
  • when was the software license validated (last access)
  • how many times has the tracking session been accessed
  • when a license will expire
  • track how many times a specific license has been downloaded or renewed
  • track the license status (active or inactive)
  • reactivate manually
  • all licenses can be reactivated and expiries extended automatically through the payment system, without re-downloading
  • disable a script on a particular domain/URL
  • transfer the license to another domain
  • activate or deactivate an entire software
  • easy access to user info, payment info, software managing, etc.

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