PHP Encoder


Protect PHP Code with built-in PHP Encoder.

PHP code protection is just as vital as script distribution - why sell your software and allow others to resell your source code?

Built in to the Tracker is Software licensing and encryptiona PHP Encoder that encrypts your PHP scripts before distribution of your software.

With PHP encoding and encryption applied, you have software protection for your scripts - software piracy is not an issue.

The obvious advantage: no need to go elsewhere to encode and protect PHP code. Let's break it down: No need to PAY MORE for PHP Encoding and PHP Protection.

The PHP Encoder is right there where you are doing your software selling, licensing, tracking, and distribution.

How do we Protect PHP Code?

Codelock Tracker protects your PHP source code by addressing software piracy points of vulnerability. The first point is PHP Encoding that encrypts PHP software to thwart reverse engineering. Second, is fraud protection in software sales. Third, your ability to deactivate scripts you have already deployed. Fourth, enabling smooth upgrades and renewals without ripoffs. Fifth, a reliable and safe distribution method where mixups don't happen.

PHP Code is protected at the same time and the same place as licensing and distribution - for a complete software license management system.

Our PHP Encryption Method

PHP encoding encryption is applied to every file individually and uniquely from other files. By encrypting file differently, automated software cannot be used and a hacker must manually reverse engineer every single file. Very time consuming.

Add to this, our 255 bit keys and integrity self checks that render the code unusable if tampered with.

We ask: Why go elsewhere or pay extra to encode PHP scripts? Codelock Tracker is a powerful license manager and has a PHP Encoder built in!

More about PHP Encoding and Encryption

No Extra Scripts on Server!

Many PHP code encryption options and some software licensing managers require you to install special scripts or extensions on your hosting server, or worse: require your customers to install special scripts on their server. This is a hassle and sometimes is not even possible. Codelock Tracker requires no extra scripts to be installed on your hosting server, or on the server of your customers.

This makes Codelock Tracker exceedingly easy to implement, and easy for your customers.

Features of PHP Script Protection

  • PHP code protection included in the Tracker
  • encrypts every PHP file uniquely
  • 255 bit key
  • two layer encryption
  • no extra scripts need installed on your server or your customers' servers
  • Integrity self-check foils tampering attempts
  • automated reverse engineering impossible
  • dedication to constant vigilance and security upgrades
  • Can be easily adapted by modification of configuration file and CSS file
  • Can be easily integrated into your website - even multiple instances
  • Supports restoring of deleted files
  • Works with Linux and Windows servers
  • Integrated directory tree for quick directory switching
  • Supports automatic setting of permissions when creating new directories or saving files
  • Supports password protection (login)
  • Works with UTF-8 and other character sets

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