PHP Encryption

About PHP Encryption

It is well known among online security experts that 100% secure protection simply does not exist. We mean this: nobody can make the promise that a hacker will be absolutely unable to crack your PHP source code.

This includes binary encoding used by Zend, Source Guardian, the IonCube Encoder, and others. Binary encryption of PHP is powerful, but it is not magical -  each of these PHP encryption products have been cracked and scripts encoded by them can be decrypted by online services (for a fee).

We do not intend to discredit them, just to show you that binary encoding is not a 100% guarantee of script protection and nobody should feel too smug, arrogant, or boastful.

With that said, Codelock Tracker takes extra steps to protect PHP code from automated reverse engineering - with extra tough PHP encryption. Codelock Tracker protects PHP source code and thwarts automated reverse engineering of your scripts by encryption of PHP files individually, which forces a hacker to tediously decrypt each file manually.

That is if they can get through the 255 bit key, and the integrity self check, and have unlimited time and patience...

They would probably save time writing the software from scratch.

Check out the features of the Tracker PHP Encryption process:

1. Codelock's PHP encryption has been completely overhauled and now each PHP script is encrypted uniquely from other files. By encrypting every file differently, automated software cannot be used and a hacker must manually reverse engineer every single PHP script file.

2. The time intensive process of manual reverse engineering makes the effort very unattractive, especially since our PHP encryption keys are 255 bit.

3. We have also implemented an integrity self-check to render files useless if they are tampered with.

4. Codelock Tracker does not need a loader script installed on the user's server to run the PHP Encryption system. This is not so much a security factor as a convenience for you - and makes the Tracker more usable and versatile for most circumstances.

Protect PHP Code!

Codelock Tracker Protects PHP Code

1 PHP Encryption. By encoding your PHP scripts your PHP source code is protected.

2 Secure Payment. Payment processing when you sell PHP scripts and accurate records of all sales.

3 Remote Deactivation. You can disable a license remotely if there is a software piracy attempt.

4 Smooth Upgrades. Customers can upgrade and/or renew licenses without fraud.

5 Safe Distribution. Each customer receives their PHP software and license key reliably.