Remotely DeActivate

No more non payment and loss of sales. The Tracker addresses a real problem for developers by countering software piracy. All you have to do is remotely disable a script if a customer is trying to scam you out of your software. The Tracker eliminates loss of sales due to software piracy.

Sometimes this occurs when a customer actually pays for a software (using Paypal), receives their download, then complains to Paypal that they didn't get it. Paypal always seems to refund them - no matter how much you dispute this.

Here's why: Paypal is set up for the purchase of physical items, so a scamming customer can say they didn't get the product and they will get refunded - straight from your Paypal or bank account. Paypal will not recognize any proof of download from a third party distribution system.

What really adds insult to injury is when you do dispute a refund - and lose, the bank will withdraw even more money for processing the claim!

Now you can fight back!

Tracker lets you Codelock Tracker helps fight script piracy by enabling you to deactivate a script licensing remotely.

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Protect PHP Code!

Codelock Tracker Protects PHP Code

1 PHP Encryption. By encoding your PHP scripts your PHP source code is protected.

2 Secure Payment. Payment processing when you sell PHP scripts and accurate records of all sales.

3 Remote Deactivation. You can disable a license remotely if there is a software piracy attempt.

4 Smooth Upgrades. Customers can upgrade and/or renew licenses without fraud.

5 Safe Distribution. Each customer receives their PHP software and license key reliably.