Automated Software Distribution

Automated software distribution lets your software customers buy your PHP software, process the payment, and receive their download link via email - with reliability and speed. From there you can track licenses.

With the Tracker, all the details of the transaction are recorded, including date of deployment, customer info, and all the specifics of that license type including the price, discounts, upgrade or renewal data, etc.

Automated Software Distribution helps build your reputation as a reliable and professional resource for quality software products. You are distributing your software as a Professional, making the most of your time, your product, and your online presence.

And your customer's time too. Statistics support the idea that the professionalism of your online presence reflects on the image of your company and your products, which directly translates into sales. With Codelock Tracker, your script distribution is fast and hassle free - both for you and your clients. You look good.

It establishes a tone of confidence in your customer relationship. Credibility becomes synonymous with increased trust and sales. Codelock Tracker is not just about keeping track of your licensing and distribution, but acting as a vital tool that grows your business.

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Protect PHP Code!

Codelock Tracker Protects PHP Code

1 PHP Encryption. By encoding your PHP scripts your PHP source code is protected.

2 Secure Payment. Payment processing when you sell PHP scripts and accurate records of all sales.

3 Remote Deactivation. You can disable a license remotely if there is a software piracy attempt.

4 Smooth Upgrades. Customers can upgrade and/or renew licenses without fraud.

5 Safe Distribution. Each customer receives their PHP software and license key reliably.