Software Customer Management System

Managing software customers is an important aspect of PHP script-software licensing and software distribution.

Codelock TrackerĀ Managing your customerskeeps you up to date with everything concerning your software customers with a management system solution that gives you all the info on your software customers, sales and script licensing.

Software Customers are automatically entered into the system - with no effort on your part - each time there is a software distribution, whether a demo download or paid version.

All the details of that software distribution and licensing are accessible in the License Manager.

From this data, use the handy Emailer to let software customers know about specials and upgrades with an HTML newsletter or text message - generate more software sales from a faithful clientele by keeping them well informed.

Codelock Tracker's Customer Management integrates with other license management tools, like the Software Sales Management with its sales statistics and details for each PHP script you sell.

The User Manager contains their contact info, when they downloaded which software, how many products that particular customer has purchased, the expiry date, and more. Use this information to renew licenses, upgrade software, and cross referencing to other customers just like them. For instance, you can tell which products are selling in which region or which time of year.

Software Customer Management integrates a full featured PHP Script Tracker that manages PHP scripts, and gives you all the sales info, expiries, distribution info and more - for every PHP script you sell or distribute.

Codelock Tracker is an all-in-one software management system with everything you need to sell your PHP software.

Features of Customer Manager

  • full records of all your paid and demo users
  • track all licenses
  • handy Emailer for close communication and promotion
  • de-activate a license remotely
  • accurate payment records
  • view all licenses for that customer
  • add new licenses for that customer
  • fully integrated with all Tracker licensing tools
  • tooltips throughout

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