Automated software distribution.

Tracker's PHP Licensing and purchasing softwareAutomated Software Distribution is fast and professional.

Automated = Fast Software Deployment

Today's online marketplace demands a short time between software sale and PHP script distribution-download. Fast software distribution is only possible with an automated software deployment-distribution system. With the Tracker, there is an almost immediate purchase-to-distribution of software and PHP scripts.

Upgrades without Reinstallation

Automated software deployment covers the initial download, yet the Tracker enables your customers to easily upgrade from a demo version to a paid version, or renew their license - without re-downloading the PHP script. The Software Sales Manager handles the payment. The Tracker is a toolbox of software deployment tools to make script distribution fast and generate more sales.

Automated Software Distribution Saves Time

Tracker saves time for your customers, but also saves time for you. From under the hood, adding new scripts and software is super easy. With automated software distribution, you aren't chained to your terminal waiting for your next sale - now you can kick back and reap the rewards of your labor.

How Tracker Makes PayPal Easy!

Auto Software Deployment = Customer Satisfaction

Software Distribution is fast + professional + smooth, which makes your customers happy, reflects well on your company and = more sales.

No Extra Scripts on Server!

Many PHP code encryption options and some software licensing managers require you to install special scripts or extensions on your hosting server, or worse: require your customers to install special scripts on their server. This is a hassle and sometimes is not even possible. Codelock Tracker requires no extra scripts to be installed on your hosting server, or on the server of your customers.

This makes Codelock Tracker exceedingly easy to implement, and easy for your customers.

Features of Distribution

  • fully automated payment and deployment
  • fast distribution of your scripts
  • customer satisfaction and positive image
  • upgrades without re-downloading new script
  • customers can upgrade from demo to paid version easily
  • accurate sales records for each software
  • super-easy PayPal setup
  • manual deployment is easy too
  • tracking of all sales and downloads details
  • track licenses by URL or domains it is running on
  • the exact time of software license confirmation/validation
  • track when the license is run for the first time and issued
  • how many times has the tracking session been accessed
  • when a license will expire
  • track how many times a specific license has been downloaded or renewed
  • track the license status (active or inactive)
  • reactivate manually
  • disable a script on a particular domain/URL
  • transfer the license to another domain
  • activate or deactivate an entire software
  • easy access to user info, payment info, software managing, etc.

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