A Complete PHP license manager tool.

Making Management of PHP Licenses EASY!

CodelockTracker is a PHP Licensing complete control software licensing managerSoftware that is actually a suite of many software license management tools to make selling, distribution and tracking of your PHP licenses easy, fast, and trouble free.

Software Files Manager. Each software you manage has its own advanced file manager to manage individual files. Use the built in PHP Encoder to protect your scripts and use the advanced file management tools to handle your PHP scripts and files - like renaming, deleting, uploading, downloading, moving, zip and unzip, etc.

The Software License Manager easy software managementis a PHP licensing system to generate licensing keys, distribute your software, and track license after deployment. You can use its management to create different software products from one PHP script by changing the user restrictions, like IPs, number of domains, expiries, etc. - various limitations and scenarios for any number of different software licensing packages.

The User and Customer Manager keeps track of all your PHP clients and has a built in Email System to send newsletters or text messages.

Software Sales Management helps you manage selling PHP scripts. With 3 lines of code, the Tracker handles the payment processing, distribution, and software sales info for accurate sales tracking of software distribution using Paypal. Easy handling of pricing, discounts, upgrades, renewals, and accurate records of each transaction with sales statistics.

Software Licensing Management + PHP Protection

Codelock Tracker has many built in safeguards to prevent software piracy through fraud and reverse engineering. Tracker prevents automated reverse engineering through encryption of your PHP source code, fraud-proof payment processing, reliable distribution, and the ability to remotely deactivate licenses to protect your PHP source code.

Codelock Tracker - The All-in-One PHP License Manager Software!

Features of the Software Manager

  • manage unlimited software projects
  • unlimited software license models
  • advanced file manager for each software
  • create different license scenarios from one script
  • easy editing and modification of existing software licenses
  • encryption and decoding
  • you may de-activate entire software
  • File Manager
  • well integrated with payment management
  • easy access to license, distribution, tracking
  • All-in-One Package

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