Codelock V2 + Engine

Codelock V2 is a full-featured encryption software. Please not that the Codelock V2 does not include a PHP License Manager - it is a PHP Encryption Tool.

Check out all these features of Codelock V2:

  • The Encryptor software works with any install of PHP4.x or better.
  • Requires no additional software to be installed (on your server or on your clients server) - Codelock V2 is ISP friendly!
  • Works both on your localhost server OR online via HTTP
  • Works on Linux , Windows and FreeBSD operating systems
  • Requires no changes to the web server (with default PHP installation)
  • Works in PHP safe mode and with globals off (except when encrypting from zip files)
  • Encrypts PHP or HTML files (including HTML or javascript embedded into PHP)
  • Encrypts HTML web pages as an added extra
  • Offers ZLIB compression as part of the encryption. Your PHP pages can be compressed to approximately 1/3 of their file size (with zlib option)
  • Works with both <? and <?PHP type tags
  • Encrypts Browser HTML Output (Protects HTML source! / form data / image URL's and email addresses - the right click function is also disabled!)
  • Protects your MYSQL login details and your source code
  • Encrypt only segments of your page(s) if you wish
  • Encrypt individual files, complete directories, or ZIP files
  • Works with MOST 'include' folder structures
  • Password protect scripts with your own unique unlock key
  • Unique page Encryption - Your files are uniquely encrypted according to your own key
  • LOCK your script to specific IP addresses or domain names
  • Create your own expiry date so that trial software, scripts, or pages run out after a specific time or on a specific date
  • Customize the expiry message with your own expiry message
  • Very light weight - Decryptor file (depending on encryption option - No other files are necessary when distributing or running your scripts)
  • Create and Save multiple projects
  • Affordable (compared to other PHP encryptors)
  • Easy to setup only takes a few minutes to get started
  • Unlimited license. Pay for it once, use it as much as you like on any of your scripts - forever!
  • Runs super fast... You won't notice any loss of speed when your script is running
  • Easy to use - with a GUI Interface encryption process, even PHP beginners can work out how to use it in a few minutes...
  • Built-in help - Simply mouse-over the different functions for a full description of what they do and how to use them


ENGINE Mode - Now you can call the Codelock V2.7 encryptor engine as a file 'include' and encrypt your files invisibly! Simply pass through the required paramaters, and tap into the Codelock V2.7 engine to encrypt your files on the fly! Yes, in real-time... and online!


See what our customers say about our encryption products!

NICE!!! Just about sums it all up really. A very elegant solution to a tricky problem - well done.


...thanks a lot for your help, your product is excellent.


This script and HTML protection software represents a very effective toolkit for the protection of php scripts and HTML generated by them. Simple installation and offers very good value for money.

Mike Wright

Your product is so great and I'm glad I found it.

Dave K

your ...Codelock v.2.0 LOOKS GREAT and is really WONDERFUL... THANKS!


I purchased your product And love it, it's awesome... Thanks again, for the great product.