Software File Manager


Codelock Tracker's Software File Manager enables you to manage your PHP files, scripts and directories. This can be on any FTP server or on your webserver.

You have the ability to create, delete, rename, edit, download, upload, move, copy, search, view, or listen to your files. You can also change file and directory permissions.

The Tracker's PHP File Manager System can be integrated into your own website or used as a stand-alone application. It is a flexible and super powerful tool that adapts to your needs in the overall Software Management of the Codelock Tracker system.

You can see the features of the PHP Script and File Manager to the right.

The PHP file manager is just one part of Codelock Tracker's Software License Manager. Click on a Link below to see some of the other great features of this versatile, all-in-one PHP script licensing system.

Codelock Tracker Software Management

Licensing Management

Encryption and PHP Encoding

Selling PHP Scripts - Payment Manager

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No Extra Scripts on Server!

Many PHP code encryption options and some software licensing managers require you to install special scripts or extensions on your hosting server, or worse: require your customers to install special scripts on their server. This is a hassle and sometimes is not even possible. Codelock Tracker requires no extra scripts to be installed on your hosting server, or on the server of your customers.

This makes Codelock Tracker exceedingly easy to implement, and easy for your customers.

About Codelock

Codelock has been around since 2004, offering encryption and encoding for software and PHP script developers and Joomla! The Tracker is a long-awaited software license manager, having undergone an extreme overhaul, a completely new graphic user interface, loads of new features, and extra protection in the form of obfuscation and double layer of encryption. We are committed to making the Tracker the most dynamic software tracking system anywhere and we are always open to the suggestions of developers who work with our software products. Learn more...

Features of File Manager

  • Multiple files and entire directories can be uploaded at one time
  • Built-in action log
  • Integrated file and directory search
  • Supports automatic backup creation (versioning) when saving files
  • Supports hiding of system files and files with arbitrary extensions
  • Can be easily adapted by modification of configuration file and CSS file
  • Can be easily integrated into your website - even multiple instances
  • Supports restoring of deleted files
  • Supports detailed view and icon view
  • Built-in editor for text files with realtime syntax highlighting
  • Works with UNIX and Windows FTP servers and local file system
  • Built-in image preview with thumbnails
  • Files can also be saved from URLs
  • Integrated directory tree for quick directory switching
  • Supports automatic setting of permissions when creating new directories or saving files
  • Supports automatic modification (to lowercase, replace spaces) of filenames for uploaded and downloaded files
  • Images can be resized automatically before they are saved
  • Supports password protection (login)
  • Works with UTF-8 and other character sets
  • Integrated media player for audio and video files
  • Can view documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) with Google Docs Viewer
  • Provides hooks for upload and download