PHP Licensing


A Full PHP Script Licensing System.

Codelock Tracker's easy script licensing for PHP softwaresoftware license managing makes distribution a breeze. Tracker's automation of PHP script license key generation exemplifies the Tracker's fast and professional script deployment and management - giving independent software developers the best tools to actively and professionally participate in the PHP script licensing arena.

PHP License Manager System

As a PHP license management system, the Tracker is multi-faceted, geared for selling software online and giving you all the info of each licensed script along with a host of other software licensing tools.

Control of PHP Licensing

Tracker's PHP script licensing software is automated, yet you are in full control to create new PHP license types from one script-software, changing the IP or domain allowance, expiries, and more. Or you can customize an individual PHP code license for a particular user. Using the PHP License Manager, you are not limited or constrained how you handle your PHP script licenses.

An example of the PHP Code License Management System: For instance, you can distribute a trial version of a PHP script license, a paid version, a 5 domain version, and a 1 year expiry version - several license types from one PHP script.

In the Payment Manager you set the prices for all your PHP license types, and the user can upgrade or renew their PHP script license, with no effort from you. Tracker's PHP Licensing System automatically processes payment and distributes your PHP scripts, keeping accurate records as a sales tracking software.

Remote De-activation

Script Piracy is a real problem for developers. Codelock Tracker helps fight script piracy by enabling you to deactivate a script licensing remotely - an added protection from script thieves who try to get your software for free by fraudulent claims of non-delivery to Paypal.

Features of PHP License Manager

  • assign different license types for each software
  • remotely disable any license
  • trial versions, full versions, how many domains, etc can be set
  • customize a specific license for a specific user
  • set fixed expirations
  • set expirations from time of download to days, months, years
  • customers can auto upgrade or renew - no need to download again
  • fraud and theft protection
  • limit number of domains
  • limit number of IPs
  • lock software to a specific domain or IP
  • set frequency of script and license confirmation/validation to every time, execution, hours, days
  • allow script to keep running even if tracking server is down
  • Admin notification when new license is created automatically
  • setting for each license type for free or needs payment
  • complete tracking of software licensing
  • fully integrated with distribution/deployment
  • easy access to user info, payment info, etc.

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